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We never forget that behind every order is a person making an important life decision for their family. ExamOne is committed to helping protect more families. Our services are geared toward three main goals; improve applicant experience, reduce cycle time and facilitate precision underwriting.


Improve Applicant Experience

Convenient Quest Diagnostics Locations – In addition to our extensive network of mobile examiners, we offer your applicants the convenience of more than 700 Quest Patient Service Centers. More locations - home, work, local ExamOne office or Quest site result in happier applicants. Find the locations closest to you here.

Better Preparation –, is dedicated entirely to applicants. They can watch our Applicant Prep video, view answers to frequently asked questions and gain an overall understanding of the exam process. We’ve also included testimonials from Life Happens to reaffirm their decision to protect their family.

Reduce Cycle Time

Schedule in Half the Time – The industry average turnaround time is two weeks. Our average turnaround time with Schedule Now is less than one week.

How it Works

  1. Live examiner calendars
  2. Accurate appointment availability
  3. Real-time scheduling

How it Helps You

  1. Faster scheduling process
  2. Reduces buyer’s remorse
  3. Improves your completion percentage
  4. Sets realistic expectations

Decrease Cancellations, Reschedules, No-Shows – We’ve developed strategic techniques to combat the barriers and frustrations that applicants might experience during the scheduling process.

  • First Call – A call is placed to the applicant typically within an hour of receiving the order. If they indicate that they are ready to schedule their exam, they are transferred to a representative.
  • Preferred Point of Contact - Text and email scheduling allows applicants to respond with their availability on their preferred communication platform.
  • Confirmation Calling - Two days before an appointment, we place a call to the applicant reminding them of the appointment time and any fasting requirements.

 Facilitate Precision Underwriting

Quality Collection for Quality Results – Our proprietary Examiner IQ program tracks and ranks our examiners on everything from tardiness to blood pressure replication. We schedule more exams with our top performing examiners, ensuring that the specimen we collect is the highest quality. Once received at our laboratory, the specimen is tested at a Six Sigma level for 99.996% accuracy. This allows us to deliver the best quality results for underwriters to confidently base their decisions.

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