Nurse Practitioner FAQs

  1. Can I do this part time?
    Yes, we require a minimum of 10 hours of availability per week.
  2. How long does each assessment take?
    Each assessment will take approximately 1 hour.
  3. How far do I have to drive?
    That is completely up to you.
  4. Do you pay for mileage?
    At this point no, but it may be considered in the future.
  5. Do I need to treat or prescribe?
  6. Is there any follow up required?
  7. Why doesn’t their doctor perform these?
    Most doctors do not have the time to complete the assessments. However, they will be provided with the results.
  8. Do I need a collaborating physician?
    If this is required by your state, yes.  We will provide the collaborative doctor for you.
  9. How many will I complete?
    That will be depend on how many we receive in your specified area, your availability and if you choose to complete them. However, we require a minimum of 25 assessments per month.
  10. Can I set my own schedule?
    Yes, you manage your days/times of availability. 
  11. Does ExamOne cover the liability insurance?
  12. Do I need to code the diagnosis?

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