Policy Express™

Improve Applicant Experience and Reduce Cycle Time

Every insurance company is being asked to do more with less. Fewer underwriters, fewer case managers and fewer IT resources can strain even the most efficient organizations. Our Policy Express™ process can help fill those gaps.

By outsourcing your requirements gathering to one provider, you streamline the application process, gain better management insight and improve your service delivery.

The Process

We are your IT department. ExamOne’s Policy Express™ provides customizable, automated requirements ordering to increase consistency and decrease administrative burden. Electronic transmissions, rules tables and the use of a single system help improve accuracy and consistency and provide your case status in a single location. We manage the entire process and alert you if any unexpected delays arise.


Using one provider gives you better insight into your time service average. We provide several reports and can customize data to fit your needs. Additionally, consolidated billing and electronic invoices provide transparency into your application costs.

Service Delivery

Time service improves with automation and electronic transmissions. Plus, with ExamOne proactively managing each case, we are able to identify trends and improve quality — resulting in fewer phone calls to you. This standard approach is scalable to easily accommodate application fluctuations based on time of year, new product introductions or other campaigns.

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