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Is Your Supply Chain Optimized for High Performance?

Obtaining underwriting requirements sounds simple enough. Yet given the ever-changing underwriting environment, this process can quickly spiral into a lengthy, convoluted operation. ExamOne provides solutions to pull your requirement acquisition process together into a tightly integrated and optimized supply chain. Through our partnership, we can help expedite results, reduce costs and leverage multiple services for pricing.

Straight Through Processing

With ExamOne's Policy Express, applicant information is entered once. As the order automatically proceeds through the process, reflexive ordering is performed according to your guidelines. Status and reports are provided to ensure the most up-to-date information. By streamlining the process, requirements are gathered in tandem — eliminating redundancy, reducing costs and accelerating your policy delivery cycle. By optimizing collaboration between all parties in the supply chain, your applicants receive maximum satisfaction.

Solutions Experts

ExamOne can evaluate your current processes and create solutions customized to your business needs. This enables you to focus resources and savings on strategic business initiatives.

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  • Technicians are overwhelmingly rated as "courteous and professional."*

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*Based on 2010 survey.