Policy Express™

Looking for ways to significantly cut your policy delivery cycle time and provide superior customer service to applicants? An efficient straight through process designed to work with your unique needs can help you recognize higher placement rates and a more efficient underwriting process.

Streamlined Process

With Policy Express, requirements that were once collected sequentially are now collected in tandem.  Applicants stay connected and engaged as vital information is obtained quickly after the submission of their application.     

Policy Express Workflow

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This process has been proven to significantly increase in good order rates.  The consistent, detailed information obtained during this process can also help reduce the need for attending physician statements.

Policy Express provides a superior applicant experience because applicants only answer questions once, prefer discussing sensitive medical history over the phone and have a variety of examination scheduling options available at the end of the call.

You are the expert in underwriting insurance. We specialize in obtaining the information needed to help you make informed decisions. Let our expertise help you create a consistent and monitored process - accelerating turnaround and improving the quality of collected information.

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  • "I have never seen such an in depth report of my health. It was awesome!"*

  • "Very impressive. I have NEVER received this kind of information in such an accessible format."*

  • "We loved looking at our lab work and told several of our friends and family how neat and user friendly it was!"*

*Based on 2010 survey.