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ExamOne is the only paramedical company that offers your applicants the convenience of real-time appointment scheduling with Schedule Now and a choice between the most extensive national network of in-center locations or a traditional mobile exam.


Schedule Now Improves Applicant Experience

Unlike the traditional scheduling process and preset appointments used by paramedical companies today, Schedule Now uses a real-time available appointment calendar that applicants can view and make the appointment on the spot. When an order is received at ExamOne, a call is quickly placed to the applicant; typically within the hour. Schedule Now has reduced typical turnaround time to four days!

Paramedical Service Centers Offer Choice

Some of your applicants appreciate an examiner coming to their home or office to complete an examination while others prefer to be seen at a convenient paramedical service center. The good news is that with ExamOne, you can now offer both. In coordination with our parent company, Quest Diagnostics, we provide an extensive network of 700 convenient in-center locations for your applicants. All sites are staffed with ExamOne-trained examiners dedicated to providing services with the highest level of quality and customer service.

Confirmation Calling Reduces Missed Appointments

Two days before an appointment, the ExamOne confirmation calling system places a call to the applicant to confirm the appointment - improving applicant experience and reducing missed appointments.

Website Dedicated to Applicants

We know your applicants made an important decision to protect the ones they love. That’s why we want to make the application process as quick and easy as possible. We designed an entire website,, that is dedicated to helping applicants understand the process, answering their questions and listening to their concerns.

Of course, all of that dedication comes with comprehensive coverage throughout the United States and Canada so you can put your applicants first no matter where they are.

First Call

When an order is received at ExamOne, a First Call is placed to the applicant; typically within the hour. If the applicant wishes to schedule the examination, they have the choice of transferring to an attendant when they receive the call.

Text Scheduling Reduces Cycle Time

Consumer desire to communicate immediately coupled with the rise in smartphone adoption has sparked the rise of text communications. Text messaging has evolved into one of the fastest, easiest, and the most common way that people communicate. With our text scheduling method, 80% of examinations are scheduled within three days. This helps reduce cycle time and enhances the applicant’s experience by decreasing the number of scheduling calls. 

Call us today to learn how the ExamOne Advantage can help you reduce your policy delivery cycle and improve applicant experience.

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