New Client Lexis Nexis

New Client Set Up

ExamOne utilizes one state interface, Lexis Nexis, to provide an efficient and streamlined service.  Your Regional Account Manager will assist you during the implementation process.  As indicated in the New Client - Pennsylvania page, you will need to complete paperwork specific to this state to gain access to MVR's from Pennsylvania.

Lexis Nexis Set Up

There are four agreements that need to be completed as well as up to nine state-specific forms as outlined below.  After you have completed all agreements and forms, you must fax a copy of each form to ExamOne immediately and then mail the originals to us soon after.  Your Regional Account Manager will provide you with copies of the first four agreements as well as assistance for completion, as needed.  These agreements must only be completed one time.  Links for the remaining forms are provided below:

  1. Lexis Nexis Agreement for Service — defines the relationship between you and Lexis Nexis and your obligations to this entity.
  2. Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement - General — designed to protect your confidentiality and that of ExamOne and Lexis Nexis.
  3. Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement - Standard Violation Code — designed to ensure that Lexis Nexis' Standard Violation Code list is used only as permitted.
  4. Third-party Processor Agreement — provides you with a means to designate ExamOne as your processor of MVR requests and results.
  5. State-specific Forms — six states require specific paperwork to gain access to their MVR results. The most recent version of these forms can be accessed from the Lexis Nexis website.  Please be sure to use the Washington state form with the title "Life Insurance" at the top.  You must complete all forms in the packet even if you do not write business in the state.  Simply click on the "Lexis Nexis Forms" link below to access the site. The following states need to be annually renewed:  Colorado Affidavit (not the agreement) and Georgia.
  6. California Requester Code — the state of California requires all entities that access their database to apply for a Requester Code that must be included on every database inquiry.  Once the code is issued, ExamOne will store the code and append each order with the code.  California also requires a bi-annual renewal of the code.  You will receive a renewal notification eight to 12 weeks prior to expiration of the existing code.  Simply click on the "California Requestor Code" link below to access the forms and instructions.

New Hampshire Certificate of Authority for Life Insurance — you must complete a certificate on your company's letterhead.  The original certificate on your letterhead must be mailed to ExamOne.  The specific format of the letter is available by clicking on the "New Hampshire Certificate" link below.  The letter must be renewed annually.

Links to State-specific Forms (Items 5, 6, and 7)


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