Inside Look

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Online Lab Result Advantage

Today, more than ever, concerns about growing healthcare costs are influencing people to lead healthier lifestyles. With this intensified motivation for better health in mind, we have a service that will increase your applicant’s awareness of his or her current health status. Inside Look gives you the opportunity to strengthen relations with your client and provide a value added benefit to the agent and policyholders.

Ocular View

Applicants First

At ExamOne we believe that when you provide applicants with choices, they stay engaged in the process and are more likely to stick with the important decision that they made to protect their family. Inside Look provides your applicants with another important choice — to learn more about their health status.

How Does It Work?

The applicant receives a notification when results are available, reducing follow up calls and the administrative burden of copying and mailing a paper result.

More Choices

As individuals, we have different preferences when it comes to viewing information. We designed the web site with that in mind. The applicant can view the results graphically or as a simple list. They can manage their profile information, save as a PDF, print results and share them with their personal physician.


*Online results are for blood and urine specimens only, and availability is subject to carrier participation. Reports with sensitive results such as positive HIV or drugs of abuse are not available via this service.



"Love being able to get my results online. I printed them out and compared them to a report from a couple years ago. So great to be able to see where I need to make changes. thank you!"


"When I saw my results I was so impressed! Never have I gotten such a comprehensive evaluation from my blood work. It's the best I've seen! Thank you."


"The test results were easy to access once I received my password. The diagram is fantastic and very informative. I have showed several family members and have not had anything that easy to understand regarding lab results. Thank you for this service and format....excellent!"



  • "I have never seen such an in depth report of my health. It was awesome!"*

  • "Very impressive. I have NEVER received this kind of information in such an accessible format."*

  • "We loved looking at our lab work and told several of our friends and family how neat and user friendly it was!"*

*Based on 2010 survey.