Underwriting Assessment Engine

Real-time data insights from new underwriting assessment engine

ExamOne and UnderwriteMe have collaborated to offer insurance carriers a new underwriting assessment engine powered by real-time data insights. Uniting UnderwriteMe’s versatile underwriting engine with ExamOne’s leading suite of health data solutions including LabPiQture, ScriptCheck, EHRs, Medical Claims, and oral health-based indicators.

Combined strengths power effective tool
Our underwriting engine delivers a decision support tool for effective workflow management. Carriers and consumers both benefit from this new tool that combines the strength of ExamOne’s data and UnderwritMe’s engine technology to maximize efficiencies and speed up the underwriting process.

Underwriting recommendation based on contributing factors
The joint solution empowers insurers to confidently evaluate the risk of insuring an individual by clearly explaining the contributing factors and defining the data points used to determine the recommendation. The engine interprets electronic personal data and applies a debit and credit classification to deliver an immediate decision recommendation in the form of data and/or images.

Explainable decision-making using:

  • Clear interpretation and explainability based contributing factors
  • Unmatched analysis of ExamOne’s comprehensive and unique data sources
  • Concise configuration with customizable and flexible rule sets
  • Robust decision recommendations based on a debit and credit classification
  • Seamless integration for any workflow, new or existing
  • Real-time data resource for an automated flow

On-demand Webinar:

UnderwriteMe and ExamOne hosted a joint webinar on February 22 to discuss how now — more than ever before — automation and data are synonymous with helping underwriters immediately know and effectively evaluate the mortality risk.

Justin Doolittle, Director of Professional Services and Product Development at ExamOne, and Scott Hunt, AVP of Client Experience, from UnderwriteMe, moderated a discussion that highlights the unique benefits of our engine and the details that matter most for you to garner value from this powerful collaboration.

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