Medical Records

Capturing detailed medical history on your applicants.

Whether you are screening for undisclosed conditions or simply requiring additional detail on prior medical events, medical records can provide information critical to the underwriting process.

Real-time medical claims

Through medical claims data, you receive real-time results that show insurance claims made for specific medical procedures and visits. The insights in this report include both Correct Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes.

Traditional APS

We access more than 800,000 doctors and medical facilities in our vast database, gathering information that may not be obtained through other life insurance requirements. To help you reduce your case management costs, Attending Physician Statements (APSs) can be reflexed from other services such as laboratory testing and call center interviews using voice signature authorizations.

Accelerating the medical retrieval process

Recent enhancements have allowed us to offer insurers more options during the medical retrieval process – with the goal of reducing their turnaround time.  

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

EHRs have become ubiquitous in healthcare, providing an important data source for automated underwriting. They offer a low cost and frictionless process delivering flexibility to complex workflows. 

2 ways to use EHRs in your underwriting process

  • For the insurer who needs to identify risk and/or using accelerated underwriting, our new EHR data product allows a broad search of every record on an applicant.
  • For underwriters who need information on a specific medical condition, our unique EHR integration with APS requests will help obtain and organize details from an individual medical provider. Through this integration, physicians that exist in the EHR database will be identified and the APS request will be routed to the EHR system, shaving days to weeks off the APS request wait time.

APS Summary alternative for insurers

Through a partnership with Aosta Insurance Services, we are leveraging their technology to provide a summary of any medical file. This feed will connect directly to our APS system and will process as soon as the summary is ready. This summary service will reduce the time spent reviewing each individual APS – allowing insurers to spend their time in other areas.

*ExamOne requires prior written consent from insurance applicants, which appears in the HIPAA compliant authorization that is part of the insurance application. The authorization must be signed and dated prior to accessing the information.

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