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Clinical Laboratory and Biometrics Measures Used to Assess Risk

There was over $20.8 trillion of life insurance in force in the United States in 2015 (American Council of Life Insurers, 2016). Many of these policies were issued by insurance carriers whose medical directors, actuaries, and underwriters are experienced in evaluating, underwriting, and managing risk.

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Applicant Medical and Smoking History Nondisclosure in the Life Insurance Marketplace

An applicant’s self-disclosed medical and smoking history continues to be critically scrutinized during the life insurance application process for simplified, accelerated, and full underwriting. Increased mortality risks are known for many diseases and practices, including hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders, heart disorders, and tobacco use.

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To fast or not to fast

Is fasting still recommended prior to a paramedical exam? Preparing applicantsfor a health exam usually includes instructions similar to those given prior to a physician checkup. They are advised to follow their normal routine, take medications as usual and not partake in unusual heavy, physical activity just before the exam. They are also advised to fast when blood will be drawn for analysis. However, the majority of health exams are not done early in the morning, but rather fit into a schedule that is convenient for applicants. So, how often does the length of time of fasting before a blood draw actually influence the test results used in insurance risk assessment?

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Simplified Issue Conundrum 

What implications does a simplified issue product have and how will it affect your applicant? While we want to make the life insurance process as easy as possible for applicants, eliminating the exam may not be the [right] answer.

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