Online Laboratory Results

Today, more than ever, concerns about growing healthcare costs are influencing people to adopt healthier lifestyles. With this intensified motivation for better health in mind, we’re committed to providing applicants with direct access to his or her current health insights with online laboratory results. Through Inside Look® and InsideWellness™, applicants receive a comprehensive wellness report in an easy-to-understand format.

Consumers can opt-in to receive a text notification when laboratory results are available.

Inside Look®

This secure and comprehensive online tool engages applicants to become more aware of their health status. The interactive platform allows applicants to view their personal results in two different ways: either in a list, or in our patented, ocular view. Additionally, results can be filtered by body system such as heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, thyroid, etc. Users can also sort their tests by out-of-range results to quickly identify potential areas of concern. Since Inside Look launched, more than 2.7 million applicants have viewed their laboratory results.


Similar to Inside Look, InsideWellness is a personalized laboratory test report that can be accessed online. This report highlights key areas of focus for life insurance applicants and provides suggestions on what individuals can do to improve these scores. As part of this full wellness report, applicants also receive tips on how to make healthy food choices, exercise recommendations and preventative screening recommendations based on the applicant’s age and gender. At the end of the report, applicants are armed with robust medical summary that can be shared with a personal physician.

Empowering applicants with access to their personal health data

Each of our wellness reports have been recognized as game-changers in the industry and have been finalists of the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA) Innovation Award. Inside Look was a finalist in 2017 and InsideWellness was a top finalist in 2018. From an interactive online platform to a comprehensive wellness report, applicants stay engaged and are encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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* Online results are for blood and urine specimens only, and availability is subject to carrier participation. Reports with sensitive results, such as positive HIV or drugs of abuse, are not provided online.

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