Motor Vehicle Reports

Reduce underwriting touches with scored, real-time data

ExamOne’s motor vehicle reports (MVR) help you assess risk more equitably, expedite decisions and receive changes to state information automatically. With ExamOne graded MVRs, you can automatically approve more applications that would have previously required further underwriting action. Our graded service allows the flexibility to apply values to a particular violation based not only on the offense, but also the time since it occurred.

Our network puts you in the fast lane

Our network gives you flexibility to interface system-to-system to accommodate your communication standards. Order MVRs using CaseView software, or through your mainframe or system-to-system interface. Reports are delivered in batch code from any state. We can use your underwriting rules to score the results and eliminate your need to review MVRs with only minor violations.

ExamOne’s real-time MVR service provides fast access to data, which can be reviewed by a smart underwriting system for quicker decisions. Furthermore, the service is ideal for point-of-sale insurance products where an immediate response is needed.

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