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ExamOne has you covered with a national mobile phlebotomy network and customized specimen collection programs to accommodate your needs.

Our mobile phlebotomists bring the laboratory to your patients, participants, and employees

Clients entrust us to take care of their patients, participants, and employees in their homes, at one of our locations or at an event location. When you need to bring mobile phlebotomy and other health data collection to your patients, our national network of mobile phlebotomists arrives where needed with professional and personalized service. Types of collections that we provide, usually in home, could include:

  • Mobile phlebotomy (in-home or event-based blood draws), and other fluid collection like urine and saliva
  • Biometrics measurements, such as height, weight, and waist circumference
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • EKG reading
  • Retinopathy screening

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