Stop fraud before it starts

FraudCheck is an automated screening and fraud detection tool designed for underwriting and claims departments. FraudCheck can be used for “tips and leads” by underwriting to confirm other sources of information or to point to other areas needing verification.

Results may be “scored” to identify which ones need to be reviewed by clients and those that are ‘clear’ and do not require a review. Report includes a ‘SAFESCAN Warning’ of potential fraud situations, comparison of ‘search data’ versus data-based information on the subject, SSN date and state of origin, employment information, medical source relationship, and public records – bankruptcies, suits, judgments, liens, garnishments and other legal items. Information is obtained from external data sources and from internally maintained databases.

Our reports utilize key data elements including FraudCheck, OFAC/PATRIOT Act check, demographic verification (order info versus database info), SSN data, employment info, prior relationship with med source, public records (bankruptcy, suits, judgments, liens, garnishments, other legal items) and consumer statements to help you verify information.

You can score results using your defined rules to determine which FraudCheck reports contain risk assessment data elements important to you. This will enable your underwriters (or claim investigators) to only view pertinent FraudCheck results. Scoring will allow you to screen many proposed insureds (or claimants) but only review those deemed significant per your rules – fast, efficient, inexpensive.

Using FraudCheck in combination with other data products for totally automated screening of applications and results within 24 hours from most states will help you stop fraud before it starts.