FraudCheck™ Plus

How well do you know your applicant?

Are you missing critical applicant information that could affect your underwriting decision? With ExamOne’s FraudCheck Plus*, clients can rate risk accurately, and confirm identity and key financial information quickly before taking the next underwriting steps – or make decisions now with this informative data.

FraudCheck Plus uses behavioral data to provide a single source of applicant insight that protects insurers against fraud before investing heavily in underwriting.

  • Inexpensive fraud screen: Our industry-leading fraud detection tool examines Social Security numbers for potentially fraudulent activity. It will identify discrepancies and return current and former addresses when available from the consumer reporting agencies on file for the applicant, as well as telephone number when available.
  • Public record information: Uncover bankruptcies, liens, judgements and other legal filings against your applicant.
  • Employment information: Determine occupation, employer and employment dates.

FraudCheck Plus has been enhanced to add more valuable credit information, including:

  • Collection accounts, the reported agency and amount due.
  • Payment practices, including the portfolio type such as mortgage, line of credit or revolving, along with the amount and status of each account.

Combine data products to gain deeper insights

Easily add national criminal record search for real-time nationwide access to federal debarment, Interpol’s most wanted, sex offenders, as well as DUI and reckless driving offenses.

*ExamOne requires prior written consent from insurance applicants that is part of the insurance application. The authorization must be signed and dated prior to accessing the information. Offering is FCRA compliant.

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