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HealthPiQture is a highly-flexible platform that allows you to make quick and confident decisions. Through HealthPiQture, insurers receive access to our extensive data sources. From a snapshot of an applicant’s past health, to a view of their current health, HealthPiQture combines health and behavioral insights for insurers.

Using health and behavioral insights to build a snapshot of an applicant’s historical health.

HealthPiQture incorporates a variety of data sources to build an applicant profile by combining real-time health and behavioral insights. This integrated platform approach can be tailored to fit your needs — from custom and packaged programs to à la carte solutions.                               

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Prescription history
Laboratory history
Medical claims

Build a more in-depth and comprehensive view of your applicant’s current health

Sometimes a more in-depth view of your applicant is necessary. That’s why we have a personal health collection division that specializes in obtaining medical information directly from the individual, quickly and professionally.                              

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Personal history collections
Paramedical examinations
Laboratory testing

Customized to fit your business needs

HealthPiQture is a completely flexible platform. You design it how you need it. Our team of professionals can work with you to design a workflow that provides the insights you need to make fast decisions.

HealthPiQture customization

Additionally, our score provides another view of your applicant by combining various data inputs and producing an overall health score for your applicant.

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