ScriptCheck enables expedited delivery of prescription and related information to underwriters and investigators for use during the risk assessment or claim investigation process. Profiles include the results of a five-year history search with detailed drug and insurance eligibility information, treating physicians, drug indications and pharmacy information. In addition, the likelihood that the applicant has a particular condition is included, which is derived from the predictive modeling that is performed by Optum MedPoint.


ScriptCheck will help you uncover crucial application omissions or assess the veracity of the application. In addition, you will identify cases that need more concentrated risk management resources. Identification of prescribing physicians and dispensing pharmacies and inclusion of likelihood of possible diagnoses will help you understand where to use expense dollars to meet claims expectations.

Easy access to prescription drug reference including therapeutic classification and drug indications will accelerate the underwriting process and delivery of information.

ScriptCheck offers RGA’s prescription scoring. The score is based upon years of research and analysis by some of the industry’s most respected and trusted analysts. RGA’s scoring engine translates large volumes of data into actionable information for the underwriter. Underwriters can immediately review clean cases and non-critical prescription histories. Furthermore, the RGA score flags drugs of critical importance to help avoid costly errors.

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