Better quality ensures more precise underwriting decisions

At ExamOne, quality is more than a goal – it’s a commitment. Our quality initiatives can be seen in every piece of our business and we take pride in our data integrity. Applicants deserve the best service and clients deserve the best data – both are achieved through consistently high quality.

ExamOne adheres to Six Sigma guidelines and strives to achieve Six Sigma standards. Additionally, ExamOne testing locations are appropriately certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA 88) and as required by certain state laboratory licensure programs. For the most accurate listing, click here.

2016 Applicant Survey Results

The following results are based on feedback provided by life insurance applicants whose exams were conducted by ExamOne, whether by a paramedical technician at the applicants’ homes or workplaces, or at an ExamOne paramedical service center.

  • 99% – The exam was scheduled at a convenient location
  • 95% – The appointment/technician was on time
  • 99% – The technician was courteous and professional
  • 96% – Instructions for accessing online results were clear and easy to understand
  • 96% – The way the laboratory results information was displayed allowed me to easily understand data
  • 93% – Access to online results causes me to view my insurance carrier more favorably

2016 Mystery Shopper Results

In addition to our post-exam survey for applicants, ExamOne utilizes a third-party mystery shopper program to measure the applicant experience. In 2016, ExamOne scored 94% satisfaction on the interaction with the examiner. An overall satisfaction score of 91% was achieved from a compilation of scores and feedback on scheduling, examiner arrival and greeting, the exam itself and examiner interaction.

These quality measures are used to help develop and enhance examiner training and workflows, and allows us to continually improve the applicant experience.