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Using historical laboratory testing results

LabPiQture™ provides up to seven years of laboratory testing results – allowing insurers to review an individual’s health history. These data are available, in near real time, with consumer consent.

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Sending self-collected laboratory test kits

For life insurers or consumers seeking laboratory analysis without a paramedical exam, we now offer a self-collection option using oral fluid. A kit is mailed directly to your applicant and includes a return shipping label. The applicant performs a simple oral swab collection and mails the swab back to our laboratory. Results are then transmitted to the insurer.

This comparison chart illustrates test panels available with each collection option.

Faster medical record retrieval

Medical records provide vital information to insurers but can be subject to delays and additional authorizations. We have invested in partnerships and new solutions that can help speed up the traditional APS process, allowing insurers to receive medical records more quickly.

Find out more about reducing cycle time with our medical record retrieval solutions.

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