Introducing ExamOne Health Solutions

March 20, 2017

For nearly five decades, ExamOne has been a leader in providing comprehensive risk analysis services to the life insurance industry. Along the way, we continuously expanded and evolved our core competencies to serve the healthcare industry.

Today, we are proud to introduce ExamOne Health Solutions. Leveraging the capabilities which have become our core competencies, we now provide leading healthcare companies with unique insights gathered from risk adjustment programs, specialty specimen collections, laboratory testing, and contact center solutions. As a Quest Diagnostics® company, ExamOne has the leverage and expertise to fulfill a variety of complex business needs for healthcare organizations.

Quality and risk assessment solutions for health insurers

ExamOne first entered the health insurer world in 2013 with our MediCheck™ clinical risk assessment program. Health plans can improve HEDIS scores and Star ratings and close gaps in care by utilizing MediCheck’s mobile phlebotomy and nurse practitioner member evaluations.

We also help health insurers close member data gaps with historical prescription and laboratory information through ScriptCheck® and QuestCheck®, while Quest’s Data Diagnostics® point-of-care platform enables providers to support value-based care with real-time, member-specific data analysis.

Robust collection network for health and wellness providers

National programs require national coverage, yet smaller programs may need experienced collectors that are typically not accessible. Our network provides both. ExamOne’s mobile phlebotomist network is the largest of its kind in the industry, which provides broader reach and capabilities to complete mobile health screenings. Health plans also have access to more than 2,200 Quest patient service centers across the country for additional collection options.

Using our robust paramedical collection network, ExamOne Health Solutions can support health and care management companies across the care continuum by providing screening and assessment services on an individual basis or in group settings.

Flexible contact center solutions for healthcare companies

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on data about their patients, members and customers in order to deliver care with positive outcomes. Oftentimes, a personalized phone call to these individuals is the most efficient way to obtain that essential missing information. Our experience in the life insurance industry has allowed ExamOne to develop a specialized approach for companies needing contact center solutions. Our contact centers have specialized in collecting consumer information for nearly 20 years in an efficient and quality-controlled environment. From complex surveys and questionnaires to friendly reminders, our experienced team and advanced technology can get you answers.

Backed by the expertise we’ve developed over the last 45 years, our Health Solutions division is committed to providing health and wellness organizations the tools they need to provide exceptional care to patients and members, while maintaining the health of the business. Learn more at

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