The Process

Collecting the oral fluid specimen

  1. Inspect the expiration date on the oral fluid collection device packaging and open the outer packaging containing the collection pad and the specimen vial.
  2. Place the specimen vial on a flat surface in view of the donor. Instruct the proposed insured to grasp the handle and remove the collection device from the packaging sleeve.
  3. Instruct the proposed insured to place the collection pad between the lower cheek and gums and gently rub the pad back and forth along the gum line until the pad is moist. Once moist, leave collection pad between cheek and gums for two (2) to five (5) minutes.
  4. Open the specimen vial in an upright position, with the tip pointed downward, by gently rocking the cap back and forth to avoid spilling the contents.
  5. After two minutes, hand the proposed insured the open specimen vial and instruct the proposed insured to push the collection pad into the specimen vial as far as it will go.
  6. Instruct the proposed insured to snap the collection wand at the scored line against the side of the vial. Instruct the donor to not tilt the vial or spill the fluid inside.

Completing the process

  1. Hand the specimen vial cap to the proposed insured and instruct the proposed insured to place the cap onto the vial until it snaps, ensuring a secure fit.
  2. Instruct proposed insured to place the tamper evident seal across the top of the specimen vial and down the sides; date and initial.
  3. Place the oral fluid specimen vial in the bag then place the bag and paperwork in the pre-addressed shipping container.
  4. Place the specimen bag into the overnight shipping package and mail to ExamOne.

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