Professional Services

Working together to create a customized underwriting process

ExamOne Professional Services analysts take the time to get to know you and your business model. Our goal is to provide solutions to help you meet your business and workflow goals from the planning phase through the implementation and ongoing monitoring, ROI tracking and maintenance phase. We will work together to help you improve the applicant experience, reduce policy cycle time, facilitate precision underwriting and provide you with the tools and data-driven insights you need to improve your workflows.


With decades of experience working with industry leaders, our analysts know what workflows generate which results. They will set up a process aimed at achieving your end-goals and will provide recommendations based on their previous industry experience and case studies. From the moment your applicant submits an application, to the time the policy is issued, our analysts will ensure the process is easy for you, your agents and your applicants.

  • Teleinterview workflow
  • Workflow design and improvement

 Product consultation

Maximize your capabilities and reduce your policy cycle time by having our specialists analyze your current product offering and their workflows. We will evaluate your processes using historical data to provide recommendations on improvements.

  • Accelerated underwriting triage design
  • Customer journey review
  • Older-age underwriting

Data analytics

Our analytic experts can create a customized underwriting process by completing a full analysis of your applicant and/or agent population. We are able to identify non-disclosure (intentional and unintentional) among your applicant population and will design a comprehensive review of your business to help detect potential fraud or non-disclosure.

  • Policy IQ
  • Underwriting audit 

Technical consultation

Our expertise expands into IT development and Six Sigma certification. We will set up a workflow that allows us to accommodate your preferred system. Further, our in-house Six Sigma consultant can evaluate your onsite workflows and provide recommendations so that your organization is operating to its full potential.

  • IT specialization
  • Six Sigma assessment

Support and training

We are committed to helping facilitate success among our clients. Our sales and marketing team of experts has the tools to develop and distribute educational material designed specifically for your organization. Additionally, we offer a library of educational, informational, and strategic presentations designed to provide ongoing education for insurers on some of the most current trends in our industry.

  • Custom field training
  • Marketing strategy
  • Speaker’s Bureau

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