Temperature checks

As the CDC begins to recommend temperature checks for persons entering workplaces, schools and childcare centers in areas impacted by COVID-19, ExamOne’s mobile examiner network is prepared to assist in implementing these safety programs. We have a national network of trained examiners available to staff temperature check events.

The temperature check programs can be customized to the specific need and requirements of the client, this includes:

  • Staffing events utilizing the client’s provided and preferred temperature measurement devices.
  • Staffing events and providing temperature measurement devices (infrared thermometers) and PPEs (personal protective equipment).

How it works

Our team will work with you to provide personnel to staff your temperature check program from our extensive national network of trained phlebotomists. Our examiners will be outfitted with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) recommended personal protection equipment, including gloves and face masks. Our professional examiners will perform the temperature checks and adhere to your program’s protocols.

For more information:

Thank you for making the health and safety of your staff, customers and visitors a priority. We are here to help you continue with precaution and protection.

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