Updates to scheduling tool simplify and speed up appointment-setting

September 8, 2021

New enhancements to ScheduleNowTM

We consistently seek out ways to enhance the experience for clients and life insurance applicants. In the age of convenient online scheduling, from grocery pickup to oil changes, consumers expect this kind of efficiency during the life insurance application process as well. This includes the important step of ordering and scheduling a life insurance exam appointment. To simplify and speed up this step, we have made some exciting enhancements to our online appointment-setting tool, ScheduleNowTM.

Some of the updates include:

  • Fewer clicks to schedule the appointment
  • Responsive design
  • Ability to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments

“These enhancements to ScheduleNow reflect ExamOne’s commitment to improving the consumer experience. The refinements we’ve made allow clients and consumers to fully interact with our scheduling tool which makes setting an exam appointment at an ExamOne office, Quest Diagnostic exam center or with a mobile examiner easy and convenient”, said Subu Ramachandran, ExamOne President. “Our ultimate goal is to move the process along for the consumer and improve completion rates for our clients. ScheduleNow helps us accomplish this.”  

Later this year, ExamOne will make these new features available to API and web interface client versions and on the ExamOne Superior Solutions website.

Learn more about these enhancements and watch a demo here.

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