Supporting life insurance awareness by sharing the importance of protection

September 18, 2023

This September, Life Insurance Awareness Month is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over the past 20 years, ExamOne has supported the life insurance industry in sharing the importance of life insurance protection.

Research shows there are more than 100 million uninsured and underinsured Americans who say they need (or need more) life insurance coverage.  Getting life insurance is a simple and affordable way to protect those who depend on you. At ExamOne, we want to support insurers through our risk assessment solutions and assist consumers in achieving financial wellness by making it easier and more convenient to complete life insurance application requirements.

“We are proud of the important role ExamOne has played for 50+ years in the life insurance industry. Along with our clients and partners, we work tirelessly to ensure individuals have access to the financial security that life insurance grants. Working together to protect more families with life insurance, one life at a time. That is our driving force and why we never lose sight of our common goal.” – Subu Ramachandran, ExamOne President.

Life insurance is for anyone who lives

Join ExamOne and Life Happens (a nonprofit organization that created LIAM with a mission to educate people about life insurance) in helping share the important message that life insurance is for anyone who lives. Find more ways to help raise awareness from Life Happens.

ExamOne is committed to supporting consumers and clients during the life insurance journey. Contact your ExamOne representative today to see how our consumer-driven initiatives can help protect more families with life insurance.

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