hr | ReFlex Select rules for LabPiQture are moving from a key differentiator to table stakes throughout the life insurance industry

November 13, 2023

hr | ReFlex Select Product Updates for LabPiQture: MIB Code Backs, Rulesets for Labs During Pregnancy, & ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

There have been many product improvements and updates since the initial launch of the hr | ReFlex Select rules for LabPiQture including the ability to automatically code for MIB. This feature provides underwriters with even more time-saving tools and efficiencies. Enhanced rules have been put in place to instantly capture both mandatory and discretionary MIB codes. Hannover Re’s continuous iteration and improvement model will automatically include future changes implemented by MIB.

The hr | ReFlex Select rules for LabPiQture assess labs performed during pregnancy in an automated manner. Many times, granular rulesets fail to address situations where adverse lab findings are being driven by testing done during pregnancy. Pregnancy lab rules are the newest updates to reflect the versatility of hierarchical rulesets. These were implemented in the second quarter of 2023. Analogous to underwriters reviewing a live case, the hr | ReFlex Select model can automatically determine whether the labs occurred throughout the gestational period. With the assessment now able to handle the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and assess associated abnormal labs more appropriately, the tool will reduce the number of cases unnecessarily referred for underwriting review.

ICD-10 diagnosis codes were also included in the product updates. Rules were implemented to assess the mortality risk and help carriers understand the data more accurately by utilizing the approximately 13,000 ICD-10 codes found in the LabPiQture environment. The ICD-10 rule solutions work in combination with existing rules driven by the lab tests. They can be used in various configurations to fulfill the client’s risk assessment needs.

Benefits of hr | ReFlex Select

  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduction in APS(s) ordered
  • Time saved for underwriters
  • Increase in automated decisions and straight-through processed applications
  • Rules customized to company-specific underwriting guidelines
  • Automatic MIB coding
  • Incorporation of labs during pregnancy into the rulesets
  • Incorporation of ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Consistent decisions using a combination of medical director and underwriter leadership and experience for critical decision outcomes – leading to improved mortality assessments
  • Underwriting recommendations in XML format can be easily integrated into any predictive

We will help improve mortality protection and gain efficiencies within your automated underwriting process. Our solution gives underwriters the tools they need to be successful by automating the assessment of ExamOne’s LabPiQture data and reducing the need to obtain APS records.

Interested in adding these updates or learning more about the hr | ReFlex Select rules for LabPiQture?

  • Read whitepaper to learn more about use cases and how this tool provides significant protective value.
  • Schedule a demo with the ExamOne and Hannover Re team and learn how these sophisticated rules can be applied to the significant LabPiQture data provided by ExamOne.
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