Final Expense

Make quick decisions with in-depth data

By having a comprehensive view into an applicant’s medical history, you are equipped to make the right decisions that protects you and your bottom line.

How we speed up the process:


  • Provide real-time results and fast solutions to you with the information you need to make confident decisions
  • Accelerate the workflow by obtaining signatures with voice authorization. We are also fully integrated with DocuSign®
  • Generate real-time, health-driven results for applicants with Risk Identifier
  • Provide access up to three years of physician-ordered laboratory test results through QuestCheck®*
  • Exclusive access to 85% of the pharmacy benefit manager market share for prescription history


We know that your time is valuable and that Final Expense policies need to be issued quickly. Our wide range of solutions helps carriers save time and money on these policies.

*ExamOne requires prior written consent from insurance applicants, which appears in the HIPAA compliant authorization that is part of the insurance application. The authorization must be signed and dated prior to accessing the information.

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