Delivering real-time, health-based insights to insurers for quick and accurate health assessments for life insurance applicants

April 15, 2019

ExamOne introduces new Health Data Insights division and HealthPiQture™ platform dedicated to building custom data solutions for insurers

ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics Company and leader in individual risk assessment services for life insurance companies, is excited to introduce Health Data Insights, a new and dedicated Data and Insights Division of ExamOne.

As our industry evolves and insurers seek access to instantaneous information, it is our commitment to provide insurers access to real-time, health-based insights to aid in quick and accurate health assessments for life insurance applicants.

Additionally, we have simplified the structure of our solutions and have launched a highly flexible, ever-evolving platform called HealthPiQture. Through HealthPiQture, insurers receive access to our exclusive data sources. From a snapshot of an applicant’s past health, to a view of their current health, HealthPiQture combines real-time health and behavioral insights for insurers. This integrated platform approach can be tailored to fit our clients’ needs — from custom and packaged programs to à la carte solutions.   

“As we evaluated our current product architecture, it was necessary for us to simplify and structure our solutions in a manner that reflects our transformation as a company,” said ExamOne President, Stuart Smith. “HealthPiQture will serve as the platform that feeds ScriptCheck®, LabPiQture™ (formerly QuestCheck®), medical claims, motor vehicle reports, identity confirmation and other evolving data needed for risk assessment. By creating a division that is solely focused on our data strategy, we are positioning ourselves to better align with the needs of our customers.”

The expansion of this new division will be supported by dedicated Strategic Account Executives who specialize in the strategy and implementation of these data solutions. Further, we have expanded our Analytics team to add new resources and professionals, who will work under the direction and support of Brian Lanzrath, Director of Analytics, and will assist with scoring algorithms, custom rules implementations, studies and analyses.  

Contact us to learn more about HealthPiQture.

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